Our highest mandate is to empower survivors and bystanders to speak up and decode all manner of abuse.

The Unit Inc. Transforms Oppressed Lives Through The Prevention & Intervention Of Abuse Worldwide.

1. Integrity in people and organizations matters.

2. Successful leadership is intentional.

3. Be fruitful with all your talent.

4. Challenges are disguised opportunities.

5. Excellence over mediocrity.

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1. Lead with humility

2. Maintain integrity

3. Leave a legacy

4. Be bold

5. Follow through

Sexual Abuse:

Any sexual contact between an adult and child 16 years of age and younger; or any sexual activity with an adult who is unable to understand, has not given consent, is threatened, coerced or forced to engage in sexual behavior.

Financial Abuse:

The improper use of another person’s assets or the use or withholding of another person’s resources.

Spiritual/Religious Abuse:

The violation of one’s freedom to express one’s belief, the misrepresentation of the belief culture, or the misuse of titles, authority, and transactions to control and harm  the wellbeing of the believers and others

Civil/Judicial Abuse:

Denial of access to justice or legal systems that are available to other citizens. It is also the misuse of that system to violate humanity or dismantle dignity


 Verbal assaults, threats of maltreatment, harassment, humiliation or intimidation, or failure to interact with a person or to acknowledge that person’s existence. This may also include denying cultural or religious needs and preferences. This includes manipulation, neglect, forsaking, and “the silent” treatment during times when verbal communication or expression is key.

Physical Abuse:

Any non-accidental physical injury or injuries to a child or adult. This includes inflicting pain of any sort or causing bruises, fractures, burns, electric shock, or any unpleasant sensation.

Domestic Abuse:

is a pattern of behavior which involves violence and other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting

Academia Abuse:

Denial of access to education system or bullying, intimidation by teachers and administration to staff and/or students.

Medical Abuse:

Malpractice of medicine on individuals, coercion of medical consent for procedures and drug administration , misrepresentation of the well-being for a patient, and/or systemically prioritizing the profit of health insurance companies over quality health care.

There is permanent freedom when the cycle of abuse is completely broken!!

We need your help! Leave A Legacy.

The Unit Inc transforms oppressed lives through the prevention & intervention of abuse worldwide.

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